We’re all bouncing to the beat of your heart
Basking in the beauty of your art
Your pumping blood stops us from tearing apart
But I fear if your heart
We too will stop.

I don’t expect you to understand my journey, I’m not sure I do. I don’t expect you to stay. And if you go, I promise I’ll remember only the good in you.

Sadness is seeing.

your mother weep
her strength crumple
her light diminish
her colour drain

her face collapse in on itself from carrying the world’s pain.


Dancing with the devil

The devil was always close.

He hid in between my thighs so they purified me.

He sat on the tip of my tongue so they called me an caasi.

He rested within my heart so they said I couldn’t see.

He made a home in my mind so they labeled me crazy.

They say I am the girl that dances with the devil.

And they torment me so
to deliver me from the evil.


Uunsiyoow! Oh incense! You take me back

Right back to hooyo, to mama
And I am just a gabar, a girl.

Uunsiyoow! You awaken my childhood
And resurrect my ancestors
We are dancing, swirling in circles.


You’ll find my kingdom somewhere between heaven and Earth.

A secret destination which cannot be unearthed.

You’ll find my empire guarded by angels with blinding light
And invisible weapons, always ready to fight.

You’ll find my castle made from molten metal and tall.
A camouflaged hiding like Dhul-Qarnayn’s walls .
You’ll find my fountain magical, crying silent tears
like the waves mask the ocean’s fears.

If you‘re ever somewhere between heaven and Earth
and you’ve defeated the angels with blinding light
and the camouflaged hiding you have unearthed
then the magic has not betrayed your sight .

If you find yourself knocking
You, come on in.
If you do not come to conquer
You come to be.

That’s how you’ll find me.

pain = poetry