Her value lies in her vagina



At five she learned there are two classes of people

the pure and the impure.


The ones who have lambs sacrificed at their birth

and the ones who are sacrificed to God.


Who have the devil hiding between their legs

so the tip

of their clit

must be slit.


At five she learned she’s impure.




At fifteen she learned her body is awra

a glass vessel

a diamond

it leads the pure to sin.


She was made to cover

the curl of her hair

the curve of her hips

the plumpness of her breast.


“Don’t play with boys

they only want one thing.”


“Don’t go out at night,

sunflowers wither in the dark.”


“Don’t laugh too hard.”


“Don’t smile too much.”


“Open lips are like open legs.”


At fifteen she learned she’s sin.




At twenty-five she learned to keep her opinions to herself

And like her body, she must hide her intellect

Swallow her vocab

Bury her knowledge

To not put off the opposite sex.


“No one wants to marry a clever girl.”


“Men like them dumb and pretty.”


At twenty-five she learned she was a threat.




At thirty-five she learned she’s on the shelf

That no one wants to buy something near its sell by date


She was no longer

g glass vessel

a diamond

a flower.


But rather a tree,

in autumn.


At thirty-five she learned she’s worthless




At forty-five she learned that her eggs died and were rotting

Like a mummy in a tomb

And she would never be a mummy

Or know what it feels like to have a baby in her womb.


At forty-five she learned she’s dying.


By now, she should have known that her value lies in her vagina.

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