You can find her truth delving in the dark depths of her eyes

sitting on the white world encircling her piercing pupils.

You can find justice layered in the folds of her eye lids

Weighing down on her long lashes, like lawful lashings.


You can find her love beating bold beneath her breasts

Running like a river, in the rhythm of a blue blood soul song.

You can find her vessels volcanically volatile; it’s not lava but love

Erupting hastily from the heaves of her heavy heart.


You can find her sassiness singing on the surface of her sexy silhouette

dancing happily on the heaven of her wholesome hips .

You can find her courage, like deserts dwelling on her strong shoulders

Stretching far and wide and dripping from her fingertips.


You can find her patience paving roads around her worldly waist

Giving way to a wonderful way of life in which truth and justice

Wander the same streets as love and courage and patience.


This is the country she commanded, she called it Zaynabu.

You are welcome here too.

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