He asked ‘tell me about yourself’

and she wondered if she should tell him

that she fled her home

that strange men have made her body their home

that she walked on water to find a new home

that she grew another tongue to call it home

that she shrunk and shape shifted to feel like home

and yet after all that she still felt alone.


She wanted to ask, if he could be her next home.

Image: Daehyun Kim (Moonassi)

She reeks. Her hair stinks of tobacco and her mouth is rancid with acid. Still.

There’s so much to do. But tonight she catches a break between today, and tomorrow. The drugs numb her as the walls close in.

I’ve been remembering to put my shoes on
But forgetting to tie the laces.


Scarred face
Bruised ego
Tired soul…

Time. Less.
Shrinking spaces.

pain = poetry